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The Prayer

by Saraliza Anzaldua
Praise be to the Father,
Who loves us so well.
Glory be to the Son,
Who for our sake went thru hell.
Thanks be to the Holy Spirit,
Who fills our lives each day.
May the Lord grant peace
to each of us I pray.

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a poem by Rubem Alves

God as father.
God as mother.
God as wind.
These are metaphors.
Attempts to put into words that which is beyond all words.
God as gardener.
God plants a garden.
The universe is destined for Paradise –
joy, pleasure for God, for women and men, for all beings.
God destined us to be partners –
put tools in our hands, pruning hooks and ploughs;
put words in our mouth,
and invited us to name all created beings in the garden,
so that they may become our brothers and sisters.
Words – they are of two kinds.
Some are produced by the brain:
they serve as tools.
With them we build boats, bridges, wings.
These are the words of knowledge, science, and technology.
We cannot survive without them. They give us the means to life.
Alone they have no power to create happiness:
Boats, but not the vision of unseen lands;
Bridges, but not the vision of the garden beyond the abyss;
Wings, but not the vision of paradise to which we should fly.
They can break the chains of oppression,
but cannot provide the vision of freedom.
For vision, a different kind of word is needed.
A word which no brain can produce.
It comes with the wind.
It is given to the heart.
It is grace.
When the heart hears it, it begins to dream.
It is power to see beyond the visible.
Those who dream are those who provide direction
to boats, bridges, and wings.
They give reasons to our lives.
They are the prophets, the poets, the seers.
The words the community of the spirit is called to give,
these words are of a very special kind.
They have the colours of the rainbow,
the music of laughter and crying,
the perfume of flowers,
the hands of a lover,
the taste of bread and wine.
God speaks and life blossoms.
God’s Spirit is constantly at work re-creating the world.
In Jesus, God dwells among us holding all things together.
To live in communion with the creative word of God;
To say the words which re-create:
That is the mission of the community of faith.

Women’s rights are human rights [Hillary Rodham Clinton].  Happy International Women’s Day.

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The Incarnation

by Odd Thomas

what good is the Christmas story
if it’s void of God and His glory
what’s the worth of the words “peace on earth”
if it’s not rooted in the truth of Christ’s birth
what benefit is it for us to discuss the joy of the season
unless we fix our hearts and our minds on the principal reason
that Christ has atoned for us

see, Christmas is more than just a story
about a baby born in a manger
more than a poor fiance engaged to a humble virgin teenager
more than a Magi
more than gold, frankincense, and myrrh
it’s more than a narrative of the nativity scene
there was so much more that occurred

it’s the coming of the Messiah
the fulfillment of all Old Testament promises
the prophecy of the suffering servant and all of His accomplishments
the second Person of the Trinity
commissioned to abandon His position
and literally set aside the independent exercise of His attributes
in full submission
the Word manifested in the flesh
the fullness of God expressed
the self-emptying Jesus poured out at the Father’s request
the image of the invisible God
the radiance of the Father’s fame
but retained His humanness to emphathize with our pain

He was unjustly crushed
and shamed
mocked and adorned with a crown of thorns
but He still faced the grave
to fulfill the Father’s will
to come and die in the place of sinful men
and receive the full fury of God’s judgment upon Himself instead

the most monumental mark for mankind
made in human history
wretched sinners being made righteous
only by the wounds of the risen King
the condescending of a holy God
made in the likeness of men
a child born to be the Savior
that would save the world from their sins
the offspring of the virgin’s womb
the Christ
God’s own Son
fully God yet fully man
the only theanthropic One

this is what we celebrate
the newborn King
veiled in flesh the Godhead see
hail! incarnate Deity

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So I Go

Michael Perez

my race
more than the color of my skin and the language i speak
more than a five- or ten-K
more than a run in the park awaiting for the sound of the gun to blast to activate
my stride
my step
my course
destiny in the making,
purpose for the taking
awakened in a season, rather forsaken
a reason for my being
the reason for my seeing
the reason for my hearing
my speaking
my life
my choice
my race
my longing to dispose of a comfort and a fear that’s recycled and reused me for too long
too many tears not poured into the right soil
the right soul
too many years not reaping the ripe harvest
the right mind
set in my ways
reevaluating my calling because i couldn’t calculate it
reconsidering convenience because i couldn’t handle the leaving of home
the known for the unknown
the digital follow me’s that have kept me at ease
appeasing the heart of me
keeping the real followers at a distance
for the scarred of me
status-quos, fb statuses for real life and unpredictable challenges
so grow
and break
the rest of me
realizing that all of Him
is the only best of me for them to see
i lost part of me in the process
part of me in the nonsense
part of me to get sense
but not change
my life
is worth more than dreams that keep me dreaming
and people waiting
keep me waiting
and people dreaming
about a love so deep it keeps them gasping for His air
His breath to keep them breathing
His words to keep them believing
longing for more of Him in the form of me
and me longing for more of Him in the form of them
so I go

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Amena Brown

You must find beauty in what doesn’t seem beautiful

You took a lump of clay
                          gave it a name
                                       and called it human
blew breath from Your eternally deep lungs
depositing spirit into wombs and souls
You made us whole
                          from the first breath we breathed

the first time we opened our eyes
You were all we could see
but we wanted to discover if You were enough
                                  so we took a sip of sin’s bitter cup
                                                                                    we gave up
eternal lives
for the quick taste of a cheap lie

but You’ve been pursuing us since in the beginning
You made
      all the first moves
          took all the first steps
You knew the only thing that stood between us and You
was death
so You volunteered Yourself to take the place of harm’s way
You became the great exchange of
                                                     pain for peace
                                                              healing for stripes
                                                                                  death for life
You were the only one who could make things right

we may have counted the cost
but You paid the price
           You put Your Word on our hearts
                  You put Your Name on our lips
and even after we sing all the songs we’ve heard
we’re left with silence
             and all You’ve done
                    and who You’ve been to us
we’re left with all of who You are
                            and all of who You are
                                       is just too much for us

it amazes us that a God
Who could so easily overtake us
takes us
        breaks us
                  and makes us
more like Him
’cause every day You chisel our character
changing the picture of our lives by the brushstroke

You want us to be Your masterpiece
You want us to be the Master’s piece
You are the only One who gives everlasting peace

so we lay down our selfishness
                                                all agendas
                                                        all affections
we come to bring a sacrifice
we come in the Name of the One who gave
His life
and we want to follow Him
    which means we take up heavy crosses
         which means we take sips of the bitter cup of denying self
and we cry out to You

’cause we want You to hear this humble generation
seeking Your face
and turning from wicked ways
’cause we need You to heal our land
we need You to have the hearts of our kings in Your hand

we want You to scatter us like seed
that every soul
             in this world
                         will know
Your eternity

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Shirley Pope Waite
[Ezekiel 22:30; Psalm 69:4]

I’ll stand in the gap for my son.
I’ll stand ’til the victory’s won.
This one thing I know:
That you love Him so,
And your work with my child is not done.

I’ll stand in the gap every day,
And there I will fervently pray.
And Lord just one favor:
Don’t let me waver
If things get quite rough, which they may.

I’ll never give up on that boy.
Nor will You, for You promised him joy.
For I know it was true
When he said “Yes” to You,
Though the enemy seeks to destroy.

I’ll not quit as I intercede,
For You are His Savior, indeed!
Though it may take years,
I give You my fears,
As I trust every moment I plead.

And so in the gap I will stand,
Heeding Your every command,
With help from above,
I’ll unconditionally love,
And soon he will reach for Your hand.

We are not here to prove that God answers prayer, but to be living trophies of God’s grace.  –Oswald Chambers [My Utmost For His Highest August 6]

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